Elena Cantacuzene
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Elena has been featured in many leading magazines in Europe. Here is a sampling of press clippings.

Clippings will pop up as PDFs in a new window, just close the window to return to this page.

Clippings 1, Vogue, Femina, Paris Voice

Clippings 2, Madame Figaro, Oui Magazine

Clippings 3, Paris Match, Madame Figaro, Point de Vue, Femina

Clippings 4, Fashion Daily, Mariages, Atmospheres, Cosmopolitan

Clippings 5, Gala, Elle, Votre Beauté, Time Magazine

Clippings 6, Journal du Textile, Fashion Daily, Atmospheres

Clippings 7, Profil

Clippings 8, Mariée Magazine, Questions de Femmes

Clippings 9, Orion - mai 2006: article écrit par Carine Loeillet, La France Horlogère - juillet 2006

Clippings 10, Inside Weddings - winter 2005

Online portrait of Elena:

Elena gets rave reviews

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